Crockery and tableware


The perfect rustic wedding or event is created in the small details, which is why at Bath Vintage Hire, we have a selection of vintage and mismatched crockery and tableware to complete the look of your bohemian, vintage or rustic themed event. Some of our tableware and crockery is over 100 years old and we travel throughout the country finding items to add to our collection. This allows us to offer you unique and individual items, all with their own character and story.


Vintage crockery hire Bath

At Bath Vintage Hire, we have a full and varied range of mis-matched crockery for you to choose from, including tea cups and saucers, side plates, sandwich and dinner plates, pudding bowls, tea pots, milk jugs and sugar bowls.

Our vintage crockery hire is perfect for vintage or rustic weddings, events and festivals. Hark back to a more romantic age with delicate porcelain china. You’re sure to love our mixture of vintage crockery, and with our vintage tables and tableware, they help to complete a romantic, whimsical and nostalgic look.

We work with both young couples looking to create the perfect wedding and event organisers looking to put on a brilliant day for guests, and we’re here to give you advice on how to create the perfect aesthetic for your special day.

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Mis-matched tea cups and saucers £1.00 each
Dinner plates £1.00 each
Side plates £0.50 each
Pudding bowls £0.50 each
Sandwich plates £0.75 each
Milk jugs £0.75 each
Sugar bowls £0.75 each
Teapots £4.00 each

Vintage tableware hire Bath

Our vintage tableware is perfect for dressing your vintage tables and forming the basis of your centrepieces. Our wide range of vintage tableware hire includes water jugs, crystal vases, cake stands, Pimms pitchers, brass and porcelain candlesticks, silver candelabras and a wide array of mis-matched lace table linen.

Bath Vintage Hire travel up and down the country sourcing the best vintage tableware for weddings and events, and we often help organisers and young couples find the pieces that will work the best for their wedding and complete the look.

We understand just how important it is for you to get the look of your wedding or event just right, and with our extensive collection of vintage tableware, you’ll find the perfect pieces to finish the look of your tables.

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Glass vases £2.00 each, 
Brass candlesticks £1.50 each, 
Porcelain candlesticks £1.50, each, Silver candelabra £3.00 each
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Wine glasses £0.20 each
Champagne glasses £0.20 each
Tumblers £0.20 each


For more information about our vintage crockery and tableware hire in Bath and the surrounding areas, simply send an email to or give us a call on 07854368541.