Trestle tables

We can cater for up to 400 people with our unique, rustic trestle tables, made from reclaimed vintage wooden doors that have been lovingly restored. Some have been totally stripped back to wood, others have got the original paint work left on, giving the perfect rustic look. All are sanded and varnished. Each trestle is different and unlike normal trestle tables they are wider, chunkier and can sit 6 people comfortably with ample space on the table for candles, cake stands and vases.


Large rustic trestle tables

These mismatched, reclaimed doors are sanded and varnished with folding wooden legs. Each large, rustic trestle table sits 6 people.

Price: £13 each (inc VAT)

Quantity: 60

Size: Vary between 170cm - 198cm long and 72cm - 86cm wide

©Silkie Lloyd | Bath Vintage Low Res2

Extra large rustic trestles

These are solid pine top trestles and sit 8 people.

Price: £17 each (inc VAT)

Quantity: 6

Size: 236cm x 71cm

Museum trestles

These are classic folding wooden trestle tables with pine tongue and groove plank tops. They seat 6 people. These trestles are all the ame size.

Price: £13 each (inc VAT)

Quantity: 30

Size: 6ft x 2.3'

DSC_0130 copy

Squat trestles

These 1940's wooden trestle tables were made during the war and are slightly shorter and wider than the standard trestle. Beautifully made and showing genuine patina of age.

Price: £10 each (inc VAT)

Quantity: 5

Size: L 136cm x W 75cm x H 176cm