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Our collection

Based between Bristol and Bath, we hire out our collection of rustic trestle tables, chairs and other vintage props, furniture and unique finishing touches for your special occasion. We have scoured the country to build a genuine rustic collection which will make your occasion unique and beautiful in every way.

Our signature collection

Our signature offer are our large trestle tables and wooden folding chairs. These are no ordinary trestle tables, and are made from sanded and varnished vintage doors.

Larger than the standard trestle of 6′ x 2′, they vary slightly in length, width and finish, leading to a more eclectic and spacious dining experience. We pride ourselves on our collection of 400+ mis-matched wooden folding chairs, many of which date back to the pre war period and have been collected over many years.

Trestle tables and chairs




Gypsy bow top caravan

Trestle tables & chairs