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Owner: Lindsay Hughes

About Us

We’re based in the North East Somerset countryside with our array of children and chickens, with outbuildings full of an eclectic mix of rescued and weathered furniture. We have built our business on our love of the vintage, the quirky and the reclaimed with a DIY influence.

When we got married our wedding was an eclectic mix of this aesthetic, we then realised that many other couples shared our style and, as they say, the rest is history. We understand the importance of ‘getting it right’. We have spent years on the festival circuit and that was reflected in the type of wedding we wanted.

Bath Vintage, for us, is a lifestyle as well as a business so if there is something that you can’t see on our website then please let us know. We can source pretty much anything and would be more than happy to discuss your ideas and plans with you.

We travel the country, building a carefully selected collection, which will make your occasion unique and beautiful in every way.


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